Small Solutions,
Big Impact.

One in five students struggle with vision issues. Eye health impacts learning, education, and is a key indicator of future success. Identifying issues early provides a simple solution to much larger issues.

That’s where you come in. You provide the care and knowledge they need to thrive.

We’re on a mission to help the littlest of us be ready to learn with healthy vision. Help us spread the word about the assistance offered through the See to Learn Program.

Help us make sure every child can see to learn and grow.

Early warning signs for vision trouble in children

Covers one eye

Avoids close work

Rub/blink eyes often

Loses place frequently when reading

Short attention span or daydreaming

Re-reads or skips lines unknowingly when reading

Squints one or both eyes

Low self-esteem

Tilts the head when reading

A drop in scholastic or sports performance

Uses finger as a guide when reading

Disinterest in school and schoolwork

Poor eye-hand coordination skills

Complains of frequent headaches

Difficult to read teacher's writing on the board

Difficulty reading words in a book

Sits too close to television/tablet screen

Longer homework completion time with added frustration

Has difficulty remembering, identifying and reproducing basic geometric forms

Places head close to book or desk when reading or writing

Children's Vision Initiative Grants

One in five children entering kindergarten each year will have a vision problem that may affect his or her ability to learn. By high school graduation, this number climbs to more than 30 percent. Many of these learning-related vision problems may hinder a child’s ability to perform to his or her academic potential and could lead to self-esteem issues and behavior problems. 

Below are grant opportunities for specific communities throughout Kansas. Select a grant below to read more and apply.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the See To Learn Foundation at 785-232-0291 or email       

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