Kids can’t learn well if they can’t see well.

Join the growing community of optometrists giving children their best sight.

Our Mission

The See to Learn Foundation exists to make sure the littlest of us are ready to learn with healthy vision.

We believe in addressing eye health challenges early because poor eyesight is a significant barrier to effective childhood education. Through our innovative programs and a community of compassionate professionals, we’re helping give kids the best possible start for life and learning.

Why support

When you support the See To Learn Foundation, you support eye exams and early vision intervention for children. With vision care, they’ll be ready to learn and you’ll know you’re equipping the newest generation for success.

The See to Learn Foundation makes a difference in the lives of children through grants for eye examinations, eyewear, vision therapy and other services for students whose families couldn't otherwise afford this care. We also partner with the Kansas Optometric Association to host the annual Children's Vision and Learning Conference.

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Children's Vision Initiative Grants

One in five children entering kindergarten each year will have a vision problem that may affect his or her ability to learn. By high school graduation, this number climbs to more than 30 percent. Many of these learning-related vision problems may hinder a child’s ability to perform to his or her academic potential and could lead to self-esteem issues and behavior problems. 

Below are grant opportunities for specific communities throughout Kansas. Select a grant below to read more and apply.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the See To Learn Foundation at 785-232-0291 or email       

Vision &

conference November 2, 2023


This conference is designed as an opportunity to learn about the relationship between vision and learning. It also provides an opportunity for dialogue to explore ways to collaborate and make sure that vision conditions don’t hinder children’s ability to learn.

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